A scientific network for data and knowledge sharing in African ecosystems

AfriMove is an open, bottom-up project joined by research centres and environmental institutes to promote collaborative science based on knowledge and data sharing to investigate the movement ecology of African wildlife in a variety of habitats and under different management regimes

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  • AFRIMOVE Documentation

    A short documentation about the AFRIMOVE project and the shared database content/structure is available on GitHub at https://feurbano.github.io/afrimove_db/db_documentation/user_guide.html. In this...

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  • Our ranks are growing!

    We have 11 members in AfriMove, representing nine different organisations. I'm sure this number will continue to grow....

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  • Database is online!

    The AfriMove database is now live, with 273,000 GPS fixes from 24 animals representing four different species!...

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  • Website online!

    AfriMove's website is now online, so we are excited to see the project moving forwards with people signing the terms...

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AfriMove is an open project and anyone is welcome to join. If you study movement of an African wildlife species and have data or knowledge to share with us, or are simply interested in the project, pleaseĀ contact us.
According to AfriMove terms of use, data can be accessed only by those who contribute their own data . The use of data is always bounded by preliminary agreements with data owners.
We have movement data from one species in one country, including GPS fixes, accelerometer data and some mortality information.
AfriMove financial resources come from the voluntary contributions of each partner. AfriMove is currently looking for grant opportunities and sponsorship. Collaborations in this sense are very welcome.
No, you don't have to pay. Participation is free and the goal is to create a network to produce collaborative science, so you must contribute your own data to access the database. That said, in addition to a scientific coordinator, a database developer and data curators work part time on the project to update the platform, run data quality check and support groups for specific analysis.
The scientific coordinators of AfriMove and EURODEER have signed their partner organisations' terms of use, allowing future collaborations on relevant projects.